1. calamares frito at the taco bar beijing


  2. sunday brunch prep | autumn roasting


  3. galette season.

    i always forget how much i like baking. made this peach galette, along with a blueberry lemon and apple galette. 


  4. grand hotel de londres

    the grand london hotel in instanbul is a real treat for the eyes. 


  5. decommissioned bomanti brewpub, istanbul


  6. sunday roast at the lighthouse in the clapham junction neighborhood in london with some old and some new friends. 


  7. futuristic milano


  8. venetian seafood market


  9. campanulas growing on a wall in antibes, france. 


  10. promenade des anglais parasols. nice, france.


  11. french riveria balcony lunch at home: mussels, shrimp, sea bass, white wine tagliatelle with some côte d’azur rose. 


  12. sancta maria in albis church in breil-sur-roya, provence-alpes-côte d’azur, france


  13. the “classic view’ of antibes, according to thomas. 


  14. exploring the promenade plantée/the coulée verte in paris


  15. stomping around paris for a few days - truly a beautiful city. galerie du passage pictured above.